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The Queen (2017) Episode 1

The Queen (2017) -

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Intrigued by her husband betrayed coldly, Xao Van unexpectedly met the group "Queen of vengeance." 40 episodes will be the story revolves around Wishing Well - a woman whose life "seems" happy, especially in the eyes of friends. But after that happy appearance, Xao Van had to undergo an unhappy marriage. Her husband even took the other woman and tried to get her off. He arranged for lawyer Quan Han to do the divorce procedure but Kao Wen did not agree. She did not sign that angry leave. On the way to the coast to commit suicide, Xao Van accidentally met driver Zhang Xiaofeng. Knowing the story, Understanding Animation Craft should not end the life in a meaningless way. He gave her the card of the "Queen of Vengeance" and advised her to join. Her destiny changed from here, the human brave as the brave Literature has now met the courage, preparing for deceit husband husband act. The members of the group "The Queen of Vengeance" are the women who are hurt in emotion. They rely on and support one another. In the end they were murdered by an underground criminal organization and murdered. Who is the leader of the "Queen of Vengeance"? How are they going to get out? Are they finally finding true happiness?

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